About Us

Our office building is located in La Mesa, a community within San Diego, CA. A previous client, who had twins through one of our egg donors and our surrogate, is an architect and wanted to be a part of designing our space to have a warm, welcoming feel - because that was why he chose A Perfect Match. Together, we created just that...our conference room is complete with cozy chairs and a fireplace. We sit together like you would sit in a living room with friends or family and we talk about your personal situation and needs - and we offer help.

Our outdoor space is a certified wildlife habitat that provides water, food and shelter for birds and small animals as well as providing a relaxing environment for our employees and ‘office dogs’ to enjoy. Our surrogates and their children can enjoy this space while visiting Our amazing landscape architect won a professional award for creating a “best small space for an office building” - our office.

We are very proud to provide a space we feel imbues our business model of providing professional services while never forgetting our clients and their personal journey. We hope you will come visit us soon!

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  2275 Rio Bonito Way, Suite 230 | San Diego, CA 92108

  Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PST

  (800) 264-8828 | (619) 464-1424
  [email protected]