Egg Donation: For Intended Parents

If you have additional questions not answered here, or if you want to view available egg donors on the database of A Perfect Match (“APM”) call APM at 800-264-8828 or 619-464-1424, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Contact Us

How do I view APM’s database of egg donors?

Intended parents are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and complete a brief form that gives us information about their identity, their IVF center, and their desired traits for a donor. (No personal identifying or personal contact information will ever be used for any other purpose and will not be shared with anyone outside APM.) Once APM receives this signed confidentiality agreement through DocuSign, fax, or email we will send access instructions and the passwords required to view our egg donor database. You’ll also have access to an APM match coordinator who will offer further assistance to help you refine your search, answer questions you may have about the egg donation program and answer questions about specific egg donors.

Does APM verify a donor’s identity and educational information?

As a part of APM’s in-house prescreening, every egg donor is required to provide proof of personal identity: Each donor is asked to send a scanned copy of her driver’s license, passport, and school ID. Donors are also asked to send official transcripts and SAT/ACT scores (otherwise, the scores provided by the donor are listed as “unverified” when placed on the database profile). Once you match with a donor her profile, genetic questionnaire, photo, and copy of her driver’s license is sent to your IVF center and they will verify her identity when she arrives for screenings. Background checks of donors are not routinely provided, but can be obtained for an additional fee.

Who determines a donor’s eligibility?

Although APM has its own in-house prescreening process for a donor’s acceptance into our program, we are not a medical facility licensed to determine a donor’s eligibility to donate—only your IVF center can do this.

APM does provide your IVF center with all the information we have —previous cycle records, previous genetic testing, psychological clearance, our in-house profile and genetic questionnaire, etc. All medical, genetic, psychological, and FDA screening is completed at your IVF center, or is ordered by your IVF center through an IVF center approved monitoring center. Only the IVF center can determine the final eligibility of the donor for a donor cycle—and according to its own requirements, the state’s requirements, and FDA eligibility guidelines. The IVF center is responsible for all medical and/or genetic testing, as well as other testing that is mandated by the FDA necessary to determine eligibility. For a summary of FDA guidelines, read “Determining Eligibility of Donors of Human Cells” Contact your IVF center to receive a complete list of donor requirements and of genetic testing offered or required by your center.

Are APM donors willing to meet the child/children in the future?

APM supports a child’s right to receive information about the egg donor or sperm donor once that child reaches legal age. Furthermore, most of our donors appreciate the significance of a future meeting to the child created through donation. Some things to consider when choosing a donor: Do you want to provide the donor with a way to keep in touch with you personally (phone number, email, etc.) and for you to keep in touch with the donor? If so, you and the donor need to determine if you will keep in touch personally, or if there will be a need for an agreed-upon, designated person who will hold the contact information of both parties, who will be notified should any of the contact information of the parties change and who will be point of contact should there be a medical or psychological change in the donor’s health or donor-conceived child’s health. Any fee charged for this service is the responsibility of the intended parents. The contact person may be your agency, an attorney, or an organization called “Donor Sibling Registry.”

You should always consult with legal counsel before adding language to your egg donor contract about personal contact and future meetings. Your legal counsel will provide language that is acceptable to your specific situation and desires. This is a generalization of language we have often seen in the contracts: “Donor and intended parents agree they will notify designated person of any change of address and contact information for a period of 18 years and will notify designated person of any changes in family health, genetic issues and mental health issues. If at the age of 18 or older the child would like to speak with or meet the egg donor, the designated party agrees to contact the donor on child’s behalf. If the donor is agreeable to a meeting, the designated party will help facilitate the meeting.”

How often are new donors added to the database?

Each day we receive many donor inquiries, so we add new donors often to our online database, but we also remove some when they completed their cycles or choose to no longer donate. In order to provide the most accurate information possible, APM does not add new donors until we receive the completed in-house donor’s profile, genetic questionnaire, FDA questionnaire, photos, and verifications of personal identity and education. The time it takes to collect this information varies from donor to donor and there are times we decide to add a donor to the database, but with a comment in her bio to the effect that APM is waiting for verification of SAT, etc. No match between intended parents and donor is finalized until all documents are received and education achievements are verified by APM. Intended parents can opt to view only donors added within the last 30 days. You can also sign up for a ‘weekly update’ that will let you know about upcoming candidates.

What is APM’s agency fee?

Our current agency fee is $15,000 for all donor cycles.  The agency fee is not due until a donor is selected. We do, however, require a $1,000 ‘hold fee’ when a donor is placed on hold for a family. With this hold fee, APM sends your potential egg donor’s profile, genetic questionnaire and any previous cycle records to your IVF center for review. We will also arrange for a phone conversation or video meeting between you and the donor. The hold fee provides time for your IVF center to review the donor's information and do an AMH or FSH level prior to deciding to match with the donor. In most cases, the hold fee is deducted from the full agency fee once you sign a retainer with APM and proceed with the cycle. The balance of our agency fee is paid in two installments: the first half of the agency fee is due when APM sends our retainer and it is signed by intended parents and agency; the estimate of costs for the cycle and Donor Benefits Package. The second half of the agency fee is due when the legal contract between intended parents and donor is signed. For a list of fees and additional services, email us: [email protected] or Contact Us here.

Note: APM is not a medical facility, nor acts as a project manager for the egg donor cycle. APM is a matching service only, acting as a liaison between the donor and intended parents, the IVF center, and any other professionals involved in the donation process for the purpose of maintaining anonymity of the parties. Our agency fee does not include the fees charged by your IVF center, egg donor compensation, egg donor screening, attorney fees or psychological counseling and clearance. The cost for all professionals is the responsibility of the intended parents.

Does APM offer private advertising to clients?

APM offers private advertising, but on a very limited bases. If intended parents have specific or unique needs for their selection of a donor and they feel private advertising will bring them better results, we will consider doing a private ad campaign for the client. APM’s marketing team works closely with our intended parents, place the ads, and provides clients with a full weekly accounting of all inquiries. We consider the client’s responding candidates as we would our own donors and prescreen them in the same manner: requiring them to complete the same profile and genetic questionnaire, as well as have them provide the same verifications of identity, test scores and educational achievements. APM offers this fee-based service to a limited number of our clients per year as it is labor intensive and generally requires a two to three month commitment on our part.  For more informaiton on costs please contact us.

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