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Our experience and journey into egg donation and gestational surrogacy began in 1990 with the first gestational surrogate baby born in San Diego—Darlene’s own child, Kaitlin. Kaitlin’s birth was amongst the first in the world through gestational surrogacy and helped set the legal precedent for parentage rights in all subsequent cases in the state.

Darlene began working in a law office as the contract coordinator between intended parents and egg donors/surrogates. She gained personal knowledge and experience in egg donation and surrogacy, which made her the perfect match for intended parents and their dreams of having a child. Her first egg donor and surrogate match she made was in 1998, when a family asked for help in locating an egg donor who met very specific criteria. This was the much publicized $50,000 egg donor family, although today the vast majority of our egg donors do not receive that high compensation. Darlene quickly acquired a reputation for helping intended parents who had specific criteria for intelligent and accomplished egg donors—criteria that matched the intended parents’ own professional and educational levels. With the hire of a paralegal to assume her duties at the law firm, Darlene began working full-time with intended families in their search for egg donors and/or gestational surrogates.

This was the beginning of what in 2000 became A Perfect Match, Inc.

When APM incorporated, Darlene took over operations full-time as CEO of the gestational surrogacy and egg donation programs. APM’s reputation continues to grow as a professional and ethical agency providing caring and supportive services to its U.S. and international clients. With ten full-time, on-site employees and three part-time employees, APM always has someone available to take calls during normal business hours. APM works with many IVF centers across the U.S. and to date more than 1000 babies have been born through the combined gestational surrogacy and egg donation programs of A Perfect Match, Inc.

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