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Surrogacy Info

Changing Lives Forever!

Gestational surrogacy involves an Intended Mother (or an egg donor), an Intended Father (or a sperm donor) and a Gestational Surrogate. Through in vitro fertilization the eggs provided by the Intended Mother (or ovum donor) are fertilized with the sperm of the Intended Father (or sperm donor). The resulting 3-5 day old embryos are then transferred to the gestational surrogate who carries and gives birth to the child/children. Surrogates will receive approximately $35,000 in compensation and benefits and repeat surrogates will receive a higher fee depending on how many cycles she has previously completed.  

Qualifications for surrogates:

  • Surrogate must be between the ages of 21-36
  • Surrogate must reside in the State of California or other Surrogate friendly State and have no plans to move at any point during the surrogacy process
  • Surrogate must have given birth to at least one child and had a healthy pregnancy. No deliveries before 36 weeks unless it was a twin pregnancy. OB records will be required
  • Surrogate must live in a clean and stable home environment and she must have a positive support system to help her throughout the surrogacy
  • Surrogate must not smoke, take any illegal substances, or medications that have not been prescribed for her by a physician
  • Surrogate, as well as her spouse, partner or significant other must not have any criminal background and must sign a release for us to do a background check.
  • Surrogate must not be receiving State or Federal government financial assistance or government subsidized health insurance
  • Surrogate must have reliable transportation in order to attend all appointments
  • Surrogate must meet the qualification of a healthy height /weight ratio as required by IVF centers
  • Surrogate and/or her spouse must understand and speak English and be U.S. citizens, or they must have permanent residence in the U.S. throughout the entire surrogacy process and birth.
  • We are happy to work with single surrogates who do not have a significant other provided she has extensive local family and/or friend support

If you are interested in helping create a family for a person or couple in need and would like to apply to be a surrogate or to receive more information please click the button below.