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For Donors

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the egg donation process, and for considering offering your help to infertile families and individuals, so they may become parents through egg donation. Please also read our full Ovum Donation Information letter

A Perfect Match, Inc. egg donation program highlights:

  • A Perfect Match has more 250 registered women who have expressed an interest in donating their eggs to infertile people. Our egg donor program is not the largest in the nation, nor do we aspire to be the largest - our focus is on providing the healthiest, the most talented and most educated egg donors for our intended parents. Our egg donors are exceptionally talented women who are also highly intelligent, as measured by high scholastic achievement/outstanding scores on standardized college and graduate-school entrance exams and tests. Each donor is required to provide transcripts and official test results, such as SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT. We are very proud to say that at the end of 2010 our egg donors helped intended parents bring more than 700 healthy babies into this world.

  • A Perfect Match recruits egg donors who are under the age of 29, who live a healthy lifestyle, who have a healthy genetic and psychological family history, who do not smoke, who do not take illegal drugs or drink alcohol excessively, and who practice safe sex methods to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs.

  • Each egg donor completes a personal profile about herself in which she provides educational, medical and genetic history, but she also answers very personal questions about her dreams and aspirations. This information helps intended parents determine if the egg donor's educational and medical background, as well as personality and interests, match the traits of the family. Each egg donor is also required to complete a genetic screening questionnaire, as well as a questionnaire that is in compliance with the latest FDA guidelines for tissue donors. Only those donor candidates who meet the rigorous pre-screening process of A Perfect Match will be placed on the website.

  • Once a family selects an ovum donor, the physical and psychological screening of the egg donor begins in order to determine her suitability for donation. We also encourage our prospective intended parents to take advantage of genetic screening and counseling.

  • Each party will have separate legal representation. Once the egg donor passes the physical and psychological screening, and the legal contract signed, she will receive a cycle protocol calendar from the IVF center, and she will begin the actual egg donation and medical procedures.

  • A Perfect Match coordinates all doctor visits throughout the egg donation process. If medical procedures take place outside the egg donor's county, we also coordinate the egg donor's travel, hotels, and meals. 

  • Our egg donors are never expected to pay for any expenses involved with the cycle, and we provide medical coverage for the egg donor that covers medical complications due to the egg donation procedures.


If you are interested in being an egg donor for A Perfect Match, click here to send us your request for more information about our egg donation program. You may also reach Darlene Pinkerton toll-free at 800-264-8828, or email her at [email protected]