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Our Intended Parents

Our intended parents are infertile couples, individuals or same-sex couples who are referred to our company from a wide variety of sources, including infertility clinics, other ovum donation and surrogacy agencies, and word of mouth.

  • A Perfect Match is an egg donation and gestational surrogacy agency specializing in matching infertile families and intended parents with highly intelligent egg donors located throughout the nation, as well as in matching families with quality, pre-screened, gestational surrogates who reside in California.

  • A Perfect Match recruits donors who are under the age of 29, who live a healthy lifestyle, who have a healthy genetic and psychological family history, who do not smoke, who do not take illegal drugs or drink alcohol excessively, and who practice safe sex methods to protect themselves from pregnancy and STDs.

  • A Perfect Match believes in the right of every person to become an intended parent through egg donation and/or surrogacy regardless of their race, religion, age, marital status, gender, or sexual orientation. We are committed to helping and supporting intended parents who demonstrate a sincere desire for bringing a child into loving and stable homes.

  • A Perfect Match believes in the right of every infertile family or individual intended parent to choose an egg donor and/or gestational surrogate who they believe is the best fit for their own family. At A Perfect Match, we take the time to listen to your concerns and desires regarding the characteristics you feel are most important in an egg donor - then we help you find an exceptional woman who is the perfect match for you. 
  • A Perfect Match may be best known for the well-publicized "$50,000 donor ad", but the reality is that we work with many intelligent, talented and attractive egg donors who ask for very reasonable compensation. In fact, the majority of our egg donors meet the standards set forth by ASRM even though we do allow the donors to set their own compensation. Please take the time to view our exceptional donors.

  • A Perfect Match has been providing caring, individualized support services to our intended parents and eggs donors since 1998, with over 700 babies born through our programs. If you are one of a special segment of infertile families or individuals who is searching for an exceptional egg donor - and you want heart-to-heart understanding of your situation, yet -nothing less than absolute confidentiality - then A Perfect Match may be the solution for you.

  • Specializing in meeting the deeply personal and individual needs of our Intended Parents’ individual needs, A Perfect Match provides warm, personal egg donation and gestational surrogacy services. Our staff is experienced in providing egg donor and surrogate matching as well as in coordinating the egg donor, surrogate, intended parents, IVF centers and law office - and in providing support services to all parties throughout the egg donation or surrogacy cycle.

  • A Perfect Match provides everything possible to help local, national, and international intended parents realize their dream of having a child. Our agency fee is $6000 to provide matching services and full coordination services throughout the entire donor cycle.  Our fee is paid in two installments: $3000 is due when you are matched with the donor and the other $3000 is due once your donor pass her screening, is accepted by the IVF center, and the legal contract is signed.  We offer a very generous refund policy should your donor not pass medical or psychological screening.  We coordinate with intended parents, the donor, the IVF center and all other professionals involved in your donor cycle.  We reduce our fee when a client also chooses a surrogate through A Perfect Match. Please call or email for further details and an estimate of total costs involved in a donation cycle.

  • Spend some time exploring our site to learn more about us. Or, contact us today for a free individual consultation, and talk to us about how our online, private, and confidential registries of egg donors and gestational surrogates—along with the extraordinarily warm and personal service we extend to all our clients—can help you create your own perfect match. You will never feel like a mere number when you work with us

If you are interested in the services of an egg donor, want to examine our database of egg donors, or get further information about our egg donation and surrogacy programs and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement please call Darlene Pinkerton toll-free at 800-264-8828, or email her at [email protected]

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Viewing Our Donors

If an Intended Parent wants to view our database of egg donors, they must contact our office directly and be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. Once the confidentiality agreement is signed, we assign a user name and password (there is no charge for this) to the intended parents. After viewing our database, intended parents will decide whether to select a donor from the database, or they may also choose to retain us to do private advertising on their behalf in order to locate a suitable ovum donor through other means.

Our intended parents are asked to complete a brief questionnaire about themselves and their desire to have a family. Parts of this questionnaire will be shared with the egg donor (with no identifying information) so that you remain as anonymous as you desire. Whatever information you share with the donor is at your discretion. Just as our intended parents have access to the complete profile of the egg donor, we believe it is just as important for the egg donor to have a feel for the intended parents they will donate to. In fact, we hear from many of our egg donors that having a "real" family to focus on helps them follow through with the difficult aspects of the procedure.

While A Perfect Match does not provide legal, medical, or psychological services, we will refer our clients to nationally recognized professionals for them to choose from—or, of course, they may select their own professional services.

If you are interested in the services of an egg donor, want to examine our database of egg donors, or get further information about our egg donation and surrogacy programs and are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, please call Darlene Pinkerton toll-free at 800-264-8828, or email her at [email protected]

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